The CryoPen has an incredible, ‘never seen before’ intensity of freezing power due to the direct expansion on the skin caused by the liquid nitrous oxide gas under the high pressure of 725 psi from economical, disposable cartridges.

The consistent flow of energy brings controlled, optimum freezing temperature of -127 degrees F and combined with the high pressure it optimizes penetration in the lesion. With a penetration rate of ca.1millimeter per 5 seconds, treatment time is reduced to mere seconds.

The inexpensive, ready –to-use cartridges will provide 2 minutes of continuous treatment time with the very fine applicator. One cartridge can be used to treat multiple lesions on one patient or multiple patients depending on the kind of lesion.

The punctured cartridge within the CryoPen will not evaporate like liquid nitrogen and can be used on another patient as the flow of refrigerant can be interrupted at any time and the remaining nitrous oxide will be saved.

The combination of the hand held CryoPen and small-sized, disposable cartridges makes it easy for the physician to bring the device to nursing homes, hospitals and other office locations.

The combination of accuracy, freezing power and ultra cold makes the CryoPen very suitable for treating plantar warts and molluscum contagiosum

The physician has the tool now to penetrate the skin rapidly at a consistent freezing temperature with no energy loss. The CryoPen puts him in control of the application and will speed up the treatment time.


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