Cryosurgery is the controlled destruction of unwanted tissue by the precise application of extreme cold.

A diseased cell will not survive after being subjected to freezing of -4 degrees F to -20 degrees F.

Cryosurgery is a well proved method of treatment, highly effective for a broad range of skin irregularities. The treatment is not time consuming and can easily be carried out in a physician’s office.

Cryosurgical treatment is well tolerated by the patient as there is little to no discomfort in most cases, negating the requirement of anaesthesia.

For effective cryosurgery, the rate of removal of heat from the tissue is more important than just the application of extremely low temperatures. Slow heat reduction like treatments with cotton swaps drenched in refrigerant solutions cause protective reactions to osmotic fluids flowing out of the cell leading to cell preservation instead of necrosis.

Effective treatment requires rapid freeze as proven effective with the CryoPen.

During the immediate phase, cells are destroyed by intracellular fluid ice crystals rupturing the cell membrane. This includes protein destruction and direct thermal shock. In a second phase the cell destruction is brought about by vascular stasis causing thrombosis, ischemia and cell death. In the late phase an immunologic response due to freezing is possible.

Virtually all biological tissues subjected to a temperature between -4 degrees F and -20 degrees F undergo cryonecrosis.

In more traditional ‘indirect’ cryosurgical treatments, such as the use of a cotton swab drenched in a refrigerant solution, the energy delivered (freezing power) is not sufficient to push the ice-ball to the caudal extent of the lesion. Since tissue is a poor thermal conductor, the forming layers of ice will hamper the ability of extreme temperatures to penetrate to the distal end of the lesion unless there is enough freezing power.

With the innovative ‘direct’ application of nitrous oxide thru disposable cartridges and sophisticated micro-applicator technology of the CryoPen, control over the energy delivered will assure the best possible results together with pinpoint accuracy.

In all cases a second freeze in the same treatment will improve results dramatically.


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