The CryoPen is the most innovative, technological advanced instrument in cryosurgery on the market today.

This pen-like instrument delivers a fine pinpoint spray of liquid nitrous oxide at a constant temperature of minus-127 degrees F under 725 psi of pressure with precise accuracy.

It is the combination of ultra cold, accuracy and pressure that makes this device so effective and different from all other systems.

The CryoPren is a compact, portable instrument which uses small, inexpensive disposable cartridges of nitrous oxide to easily deliver rapid effective treatment. Each 4g of gas is approximately proportional to one treatment (+- 1min). So a 23.5g cartridge is good for about 5 treatments where an 8g cartridge is good for approximately 2 treatments.

The size of the probe and the disposable cartridges make it very easy to transport around. 

The CryoPen is designed using the latest innovations in micro-technology which enables the device to apply the nitrogen with direct, pinpoint precision onto a lesion through very fine micro-applicators. The physician will be able to treat skin irregularities accurately to the millimeter thus reducing the possibility of destroying healthy tissue adjacent to the treated tissue.

This is a great advantage for treatments of facial lesions, condyloma (genital warts) and all other small sized, benign skin lesions.

The CryoPen is of great value because it is maintenance free, does not require anesthesia or follow up cares, speeds up the procedure time and causes minimal to no discomfort for the un-anesthetized patient.

The Cryopen is sold in two different models;

The Cryopen Model B;

Works with 23.5g cartridges and is supplied with a transport case, standard or medium size applicator (2-4mm) and 1 x 23.5g cartridge - (additional / further cartridges must be ordered separately.)









The Cryopen Medical model;

Works with 8g cartridges and is supplied with a transport case, three different size applicators (Small 1-2mm / Medium 2-4mm / Large 4-6mm) and 24 x 23.5g cartridges- (additional / further cartridges must be ordered separately.)