The CryoPen is a product of close collaboration between the US, European manufacture and leading members of the medical profession. The result is a cryosystem of supreme technical performance combined with exceptional standards of flexibility, operating simplicity and safety:
  • Pinpoint Accuracy to 1mm with no destruction of healthy tissue.
  • Controlled Nitrous Oxide at 725 psi for unparalleled freezing power-penetration depth for bottom of lesion and fast removal of benign lesions.
  • Portable, compact and affordable- no canisters to fill, no evaporation of  liquid nitrogen, just small and cost effective cartridges with an unlimited shelf life.
  • Little to no patient discomfort and well accepted by children suffering from warts,  mollusculum contagiosum and poro keratosis.
  • Easy to use, short learning curve.
  • No complicated pre- or post treatment care
  • No anesthesia required.
  • No scarring and minimal surface trauma.
  • Fast treatment of benign skin lesions.



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