Cryosurgical capability is dependent upon and limited to the profile of the technical equipment available. Because of engineering advances and innovations in micro-technology, the rapid and precise application of extreme cold has been made possible.

The CryoPen is designed using sophisticated micro-applicator technology and is considered the most important development in cryosurgery in the last decade.

By virtue of three different micro-applicators available to the CryoPen, the physician is able to pinpoint and focus on only the tissue he or she wants to treat accurately to the millimeter.

Applicator 1 allows for standard procedures allowing accuracy from 2-4mm

Applicator 2 allows for pin point accuracy for micro procedures ranging from 1-3mm

Applicator 3 allows for procedures involving larger areas ranging from 3-8mm

This increases patient comfort as the pinpoint accuracy will prevent the uncontrolled application of the refrigerant on the healthy tissue.

The very fine and medium size applicator ensures that treatment can be performed on small and larger areas. There is no need for different size cones, spray tips, cotton swabs, or disposable buds.

The use of micro-applicators makes the CryoPen the preferred cryosurgical device for treatment of facial lesions, genital warts and other small sized, benign skin lesions such as skin tags, sun and age spots ect...









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